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MANHOLE ROAD KIO ROUND 80 cm no longer cast !!

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The innovative manhole road available in various sizes, airtight, lightweight, does not rust !!

light !!!!


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  • 125 kg weight class b 18 !!!

    c 22 kg weight class 250 !!!

    28.5 kg weight class of 400 !!!

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    Light and handy
    The weight of the cover KIO made of composite material is about 70% lower than that of the manhole covers made of cast iron production europea.La lightness KIO makes it more easy and safe laying operations at construction sites, with a great saving of labor and means both during installation and in the subsequent maintenance. The low weight also allows a significant reduction in transport costs. Decree Law 81/08 defines the maximum weight allowed by law for the handling of loads of 25 kg for men: all manhole covers in composite materials have a weight below that limit.

    Less pollution
    The production of manhole covers in composite material dissipates into the air a quantity of CO2 considerably lower than that produced during the production of cast iron manhole. E 'is sufficient to compare the energy required to reach the melting temperatures used to melt the raw material to be poured into the molds of cast iron manhole (over 1200 ° C) and the temperature at which normally work the molds for composite materials (around 60 ° C). The least amount of CO2 released into the airis also closely linked to the reduced weight of each piece that allows you to load in each load a number of manhole covers over three times higher than normal cast iron manhole resulting in the reduction of pollution all'inferiore number of transport. Furthermore, the possibility of recovery of the composite material for later use allows to further reduce the environmental impact.

    Solid and durable
    The manhole Kio made KinextTM is achieved by a patented production process, the result of years of research and testing, as part of a solid group at europeo.Il manhole Kio is produced in accordance with EN 124 (1994) and is certified by ICMQ. Subjecting the Kio to load tests and residual arrow (established by EN 124), you notice that the manhole Kio resists loads and when you release the load, unlike the cast iron manhole cover, immediately return to starting position. Made of various sizes lends itself to all the typical uses of the products made in traditional materials with equivalent performance and very often superior.

    Discourages theft
    The challenge of the thefts to the detriment of local authorities and service companies is increasing.
    Every day we read reports of thefts of manhole covers aimed at resale for remelting metal.
    This causes, in addition to the damagestatement for the replacement, the risk of serious injuries on the road, leaving a dangerous opening unattended and not reported. What appeared to be the strong point of the manholes in traditional material is turning in their worst weakness as more and weigh more you make attractive to theft. Kinext, the unique composite material, makes the manhole Kio not subject to theft.

    Reduces noise
    KIO greatly reduces noise pollution. The KinextTM, due to the lower density than cast iron, dampens the noise and disturbance caused by vehicles driving on the road surface.
    The KinextTM and any sealing system that accompanies the installation of the KIO are also effective in containing the dispersion of odors in the air.

    Lower transport costs
    The low weight of the cover Kio, lighter by 70% compared to traditional cast iron manhole covers, contributes significantly to the reduction of transport costs. It allows to optimize and rationalize the movements on the means with less expenditure of time and reduced weight denaro.Il Kio allows to insert in each load a number of manhole covers three times higher than the traditional ones much heavier, while also allowing a reduction in the ' pollution due to a smaller number of transport.

    Shutter speeds faster
    Thanks to its light weight and ease of handling the manhole Kio, lighter by 70% comparedto traditional cast iron manhole European production, makes it easier and faster operations laying on construction and maintenance, with a considerable saving of manpower and resources used. It also contributes to a significant reduction of risks of accidents of the operators.

    Resistance to corrosion (and aging)
    KinextTM is resistant to chemical agents, is not subject to rust nor to corrosion due to continuous exposure to atmospheric agents tested from -20 ° C to +150 ° C the cover KIO maintains the characteristics of resistance to loads. For these reasons KIO does not need painting. KIO is resistant to aging and NEVER lose its aesthetic. The use of the cover KIO is particularly suitable in areas with the presence of flammable liquids, both for resistance to corrosive substances, both for the reduction of the risk of causing dangerous sparks. So the cover KIO composite material is shown in distribution plants or fuel storage.

    Smart Kio (optional)
    SMART KIO, with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the manhole in KinextTM that allows you to receive and transmit when asked by a reader / writer ("reader"), and that allows it to be traced if it is covered with asphalt plus be georeferenced (GIS coordinates). With SMART KIO also you canknow all the information about what is in the pit (service type, diameter, material, year of installation of conduct etc ...), record of maintenance actions, have a unique identification of the product through the serial number of content the microchip and facilitate the logistics (receipt, storage and delivery).

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    MANHOLE ROAD KIO ROUND 80 cm no longer cast !!

    MANHOLE ROAD KIO ROUND 80 cm no longer cast !!

    The innovative manhole road available in various sizes, airtight, lightweight, does not rust !!

    light !!!!